Hello, Los Angeles Angels pitcher Tyler Skating was just 27 when he kicked the bucket sadly toward the beginning of July. While the official cause of death will not be known until the fall autopsy (the police have ruled out foul play and suicide), his death has shaken his teammates.

Angels Honor Fallen Teammate With an Unbelievably Magical Game
Angels Honor Fallen Teammate With an Unbelievably Magical Game unbelievably

The Angels honored Skaggs Friday in their first home game since his passing, and it was an exciting night for everyone. His mother threw the first pitch, everyone on the team wore his No. 45 shirt, and in a moment of well-being that you could not even believe in a movie, the team released a game without hits, just a few hours before what happened . it would have been his birthday… Video Twiter

The Angels were not playing and the numbers were never far from the memory of Skaggs. Mike Trout hit a homer in the first pitch he saw, hitting him 454 feet (Skaggs wore No. 45). The Angels scored 7 runs in the first inning and 13 runs in total (Skaggs’ birthday is 7/13). This was the first game without hits in the state of California since July 13, 1991. That was the same day that Skaggs was born, yes, California. unbelievably Video 

It was a magical night, an emotional tribute to a player who got lost too early and a reminder that sports can be good.

In the big news of the NBA, Russell Westbrook was sent from OKC to Houston, making the Rockets a viable threat in the West again. Westbrook will pair with his former teammate, James Harden, in a lethal combination of defense. It’s crazy to think that the Thunder once had those two AND KEVIN DURANT, but could not win a title. Westbrook had an elegant farewell stand at IG.
If you’re going to take your child to a baseball game and pay for really expensive seats, make sure they make a living. And that’s exactly what this father of the Azulejos did. Video 

The NFL season is supposed to be relaxing since the regular season is an emotional and physical routine. And how does cornerback Josh Norman of the Washington Redskins relax? He takes it calmly jumping on the rolls in Pamplona. (Video Magical Game.)

The celebration tour of the USWNT seems to be still going on, from the dressing room celebrations in France to the Ticker tape parade in New York, an award-winning appearance on the ESPYs, and appearances on late-night television for the captains (in what they talked about how exhausting the party can be). The United States team is enjoying its moment in the spotlight, and rightly so.
There was a tired/drunken version of “We Are the Champions” after his flight landed. Video

And the legendary CNN news network ran a story with the very respectable headline of “Look at Alex Morgan Twerk!”, Which is very strange to see in a news source. And it was little more than a fragment of the incredible celebration of the locker room after the game, captured by goalkeeper Ashlyn Harris in IG fallen Video 

And to end with an adorable note, a 4-year-old boy sings the national anthem in a game of the WNBA. The boy went viral earlier this year to see a video of him playing the anthem before preschool graduation.

Angels Honor Fallen Teammate With an Unbelievably Magical Game

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