Hello, friends, Opinion Outpost Login has relatively high pay and qualification rates compared to other survey sites. Online surveys are not a good way to earn a lot of money due to the amount of time they take. But if you decide to do it, Opinion Outpost Login is one of the best choices among the dozen we tested.

After testing Opinion Outpost Login for a week, I got a decent sum compared to other sites that allowed users to conduct surveys for money, and I was able to withdraw money from Amazon. Here are some other things you should know about this site.

Opinion Outpost Login Paid Online Surveys
Opinion Outpost Login Paid Online Surveys

How the opinion outpost Login works

Once you sign up for Opinion Outpost and complete your profile, you’ll see a panel that provides a snapshot of your accumulated points and links to your personalized information. This panel is simpler than the home pages of other survey sites, which bombard you with survey offers. At the top of the Opinion Outpost control panel, there is a button: “Take a survey!” You can also access the surveys through the multiple emails that Opinion Outpost sends every day.

  • Before taking any survey, you must answer a brief set of multiple-choice questions.

Before taking any survey, you must answer a brief set of multiple-choice questions. According to Opinion Outpost Login, answering those questions helps make a better survey by taking advantage of the experience for you and increases your chances of earning more rewards.” These questions vary each time, but you are likely to see repetitions. One of my top decisions: “Which of these afflictions do you experience the evil impacts of?

After answering these questions, Opinion Outpost connects you with a survey and describes how many points you will earn and how much time you should take. Surveys start with many of the same questions: age, gender, income level, and other basic aspects. Sometimes we will proceed to more specific questions and tasks. For example, a survey made me log into my Netflix account and answer questions based on my viewing history. In another survey, I commented on the ads.

Success depends on your demographics

I tried 31 surveys and completed nine: a success rate of 29%. Usually, I would answer the questions for a few minutes before I knew I was not eligible. Each time you are disqualified, Opinion Outpost sends a ticket to you in a $ 10,000 quarterly prize draw. From there, start again with some multiple-choice questions, followed by a survey.

Your prosperity rate may vary from mine, contingent upon your profile. I depicted myself as a 20-year-elderly person living in the urban territory, factors that a study maker could conceivably need in a member. Different variables, for example, your assets, can decide if you likewise qualify or not. For instance, I presumably did not meet all requirements for the computer game studies, since I uncovered that I don’t have a game comfort.

Payment: $ 1.50 per hour

There are several ways to redeem points: cash through PayPal, Mileage-plus miles, Ala-war games, Amazon points or iTunes. You can also redeem points for entries in the $ 10,000 quarterly prize draw or for donations to the American Red Cross.

After about five hours, nine completed surveys and a five-point bonus for completing my profile, I got 80 points.

Through PayPal, you can estimate the conversion of points to cash. You need a minimum of 100 points to redeem $ 10 in cash through PayPal. So that is $ 1 for each 10 earned or 10 pennies for every point. After around five hours, nine finished studies and a five-point reward for finishing my profile, I got 80 points. Excluding the reward, which came about in $ 7.50 altogether and $ 1.50 every hour.

Opinion Outpost requires only 50 points to redeem an Amazon gift card with the same conversion of 10 points for $ 1. Then, after I got 55 points, exchange that for an Amazon.com credit of $ 5.50, which reached my inbox a few days later.

An appropriate option – for an Online surveys site

Online surveys are not an ideal way to make quick money. There are many other ways to earn money. While surveys are easy, you will have to spend many hours taking them to harvest something substantial.

If you decide to try the survey, Opinion Outpost Login is a decent option, thanks to its intuitive format and its relatively high rating index. Whichever site you try, set up a separate email address for the many surveys offers that will obstruct your inbox. You can also install anti-malware software on your computer, in case you run into a spam website. And do not forget to stop from time to time to give yourself a break in your eyes.

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Opinion Outpost Login Paid Online Surveys

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