The best Travelocity customer service site should be a valuable tool to create your ideal trip, whether you are planning a vacation abroad, a business trip or a weekend trip. These websites function as robotic travel agents. Instead of asking you to visit dozens of airline websites and hundreds of hotel websites to find your ideal dates and routes, travel sites perform all these searches with one click.

To find the best, we looked for websites that could search for a variety of reservations, we tracked prices and user experiences focusing on flights, rental cars, and hotels, and they brought us the best services at the best prices.

How we choose the best travel sites

Price is the undisputed king in the world of travel. Therefore, you may be surprised to learn that since more than 95 percent of the online travel market is controlled by only two companies (Expedia and Priceline), many of our travel sites found exactly the same flights and cars. for the same price. Our best choices always found us the best prices for the cheapest flights and rentals, although won the best crown for finding the cheapest price in general and the unique Priceline tool helped us get a good deal.

Flexible appointments

Flexible date tools allow you to see what happens if you slightly adjust the dates for a proposed trip. We love being able to compare prices if we go on vacation the day before or if we return a day later. If you are looking for a bargain and have not established a full schedule, flexible dates are indispensable. Kayak was our favorite here, with flexible date results that ranged from one to three days, or even a full month, so you can see which week is best for your summer vacation.

Comparison features

It is important to have excellent comparison functions on a travel site, either by tracking the appropriate hotel services, locating a specific type of car or making sure that our plane ticket covers baggage fees. The best Travelocity customer service site will facilitate the request for services, or at least give us a good look at the characteristics of the different options. Hipmunk stood out here with useful diagrams and great displays about each hotel and flight in our search.

We could say with the naked eye that it was worth paying a little extra money for a four-hour flight with Alaska instead of a thirteen-hour flight with Spirit.

Usability Of Travelocity customer service

In its most basic form, the best travel site should have pages that load quickly, show relevant results and do not leave us wondering if we accidentally clicked on spam. This turned out to be a high bar. A few websites flooded us with pop-up advertisements that implored us to “ask for better rates,” and StayDriveFly and ShareTrips had so many pop-ups that it took forever to load their pages. Our requested results:

every time we saw good prices, we had to verify that the dates were ours. The best travel site should not make us feel worried about leaving our credit card information and not being on the other side. – Follow us with irrelevant search results.

The 5 Best Travel Sites And Get Travel Gift Card

The 5 Best Travelocity customer service And Travel Gift Card

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The 5 Best Travelocity customer service And Travel Gift Card
The 5 Best Travelocity customer service And Travel Gift Card

Because we chose it

The lowest prices of airfares
After tracking the prices for the same flight in two weeks, only one website really impressed us: Won the award for finding our flight at its lowest cost and was always at the lower or middle end for ticket prices between our proven selections. Regularly, charged between $ 9 and $ 18 not exactly the normal ticket cost for that day.

Excellent filtering tools also makes it easy to search, filter and compare flights, so you can choose the one that best suits your needs. Simply search for your flight by selecting the type of trip (round trip, one or several cities), the cities of departure and arrival, the dates, the number of Travelocity customer service and the class you want (economy, business, etc.).

We were also impressed by the number of options and customizations offered by You can filter your search by airline, the number of stops, preferred airport and time of departure or arrival.

Full hotel comparison

We also loved the thoroughness of your hotel booking site: it has the most filters of all the travel sites we have seen, so you can get a clear picture of what you are paying. You can see if each room has air conditioning, private bathroom, flat-screen TV, free wireless internet and 20 additional services possible.

Points to consider

No flexible dates
The main weakness of is that it does not have a flexible dates tool. It is a useful first step if you have already determined the days you want to travel, but if you are interested in exploring the costs of flights in several days, weeks or even months, the easiest option is to go through the second place Kayak.

There are no car or cruise search options also does not have a cruise search function or suggested trips available. The car rental section of the website was also successful or not as to whether it actually found a car. For some searches, it found nothing (when other websites found dozens of cars), and when offered results, we were not impressed by its limited customization options. But if you want to book a plane ticket or a hotel room, is our best option.

The 5 Best Travelocity customer service And Travel Gift Card
The 5 Best Travelocity customer service And Travel Gift Card

Because we chose it

Name your own pricing tool of Travelocity customer service
Priceline is known for its Name Name Own Price tool, although unfortunately it only applies to car rentals at this time (it was suspended for airfares in 2016). It works like this: select your dates, location, the basic type of car you want and enter the price you are willing to pay, per day, for that car. If your offer wins, you will be connected through the purchase page to finalize your details. Otherwise, you can wait 24 hours to make the same offer or try to adjust your preferences.

Before buying, you will see how many people can fit in the car, the approximate size of the trunk, the type of transmission and if it has air conditioning. But you will not know the exact details of the car you are renting or where you are renting it until you have completed the purchase.

The compensation for not knowing the details of your rental car can be a great saving. Our offer for a luxury car was accepted at $ 10 per day for three days, although the tool briefly warned us that our price was “too low”. You are applying, you may be able to mark a great price.

Points to consider

Generally expensive of Travel Gift Card
In all searches, except when we were lucky enough to use the Name Your Own Price Tool, Priceline always ended up charging us a higher price for the same flight or car rental. When we looked for the least expensive flight, Priceline reliably charged us around $ 50 more than the normal. Travelocity customer service

The 5 Best Travelocity customer service And Travel Gift Card
The 5 Best Travelocity customer service And Travel Gift Card

Because we chose it

Excellent car rental customization
If you know exactly the type of car you want, Expedia will help you find it. In addition to choosing the time and place to pick up and drop off, you can choose to search only the cars rented by a specific company and request a special team.

You can also specify manual or automatic transmission, how important air conditioning is for you and if you need to have an unlimited or limited mileage policy. We especially liked the way you can see cars within a certain daily price range, and if you have a specific neighborhood in which you are trying to pick up or return a car, Expedia can also look for it.

Useful car rental map

We liked having a map when looking for car rentals within a city, so we could easily see if a company was on the north or south side of the city. This function was particularly useful when searching for locations near the airport. The Expedia map outperforms the competition, although it is a bit difficult to use: you must leave the map view to add filters (such as the type of car or location) and then return to see how your preferences affected the map.

Points to consider

Mediocre airfare prices
Expedia fares average airline fare prices. While Expedia never surprised us with low prices, it didn’t charge us too much for a ticket, like Priceline. That said, if you are looking for the best airfare, we recommend you start your search with or Hipmunk, which tended to find lower prices. Travel Gift Card

Searches of lackluster hotels

Expedia offers some of the most important filters for hotels (price, star rating, customer rating, and some Travelocity customer service), but that’s it. If you really want to perfect the perfect hotel with non-smoking rooms and several neighborhood filters (so your trip to Paris will bring you closer to the Louvre than to the Moulin Rouge), you’ll want to try or Kayak.

The 5 Best Travelocity customer service And Travel Gift Card
The 5 Best Travelocity customer service And Travel Gift Card

Because we chose it

Flexible flight searches
Kayak starts the flexible search game by offering three different search options: flexible dates, flexible weekend and flexible month. Flexible dates allow you to specify when you want to travel and then compare what it would cost (or what flights are available) in the days before and after each date. The result is a graph that shows the cheapest days to travel. If you are trying to find the lowest price, and do not mind staying an extra day or shortening your trip to get it, the Kayak tool is unparalleled to simultaneously compare most dates on several airlines.

Dynamic Maps

The clean design of the kayak facilitates the absorption of a large amount of information about different travel arrangements quickly. Kayak impressed us with his car rental search map: we could see the whole city where the cheapest rentals were without having to zoom in on a particular area. We also liked the search for hotels in Kayak, which includes a map that shows not only where hotels are located within a city, but also which are the best neighborhoods to go out to eat, shop and sightsee.

Points to consider

Average price
While Kayak prices were not exorbitant, he did not score outstandingly for finding bargain-priced tickets like In the case of our hypothetical NYC-LAX vacation, choosing Kayak meant spending between $ 7 and $ 15 more than on We also found that Kayak is a bit more expensive than the rest of the competition when looking for car rentals, approximately $ 10 or more per day.

Without direct reservations

Unlike, Kayak is not a booking engine. It is an aggregator. This means that you do not buy your ticket directly through Instead, when the time comes to purchase, you will be redirected to the website of the airline or rental agency with which you make the reservation and you will probably need to create an account to complete your purchase (unlike Travelocity customer service, where you can make all purchases). through your account).

If you end up booking one of Kayak’s “hacker fees”, which combines an outbound flight on one airline with a return flight on another, you must visit two different websites to complete the reservation.

The 5 Best Travelocity customer service And Travel Gift Card
The 5 Best Travelocity customer service And Travel Gift Card

Because we chose it

Great comparison features
Hipmunk’s greatest strength is his presentation, and no, we are not simply referring to his pet. The site is excellent in providing you with enough information to adjust your results and compare booking options without visual overload. We especially liked how Hipmunk organized the search results for airfares and hotels.

For flights, after writing your basic information (departure point, destination, and dates), you will receive it with a chart that shows how much each class of cabin will cost, the arrival and departure times of the flight and the facilities available for each class. flight. The end result is a clean presentation that facilitates the comparison of options.

Low prices

Like Kayak, Hipmunk got a solid score in terms of price. He never found the bargain deals that got, but it was never the most expensive. It remained close to Kayak and for the most part. And if you’re thinking about amenities, paying some extra dollars may be worth it: Hipmunk makes it easier to compare two different flights based on amenities.

Awesome hotel searches

We were even more impressed when we looked for hotel rooms. The search results are displayed in magnificent letters next to a map. At first glance, the cards seem simple, they only show customer ratings, a general area, the price, and some photos to move around. However, when you hover your mouse over a card, you can “flip” it over to see the highlights of the hotel (whether it includes free WiFi, parking or breakfast, pool, pets, etc.), customer comments (disaggregated) By location, Travelocity service, room and environment, among others), and rates.

We also liked how you can adjust the map to specify in which city of the city you would like to stay: your results will adjust as you go.

Funny mobile stand

All our best options offer some kind of mobile support, be it an application or just a site compatible with mobile devices. Hipmunk offers Hello Hipmunk. It is a digital travel assistant that works with your email and calendar, as well as applications such as Facebook Messenger, Skype, and Slack, to give you tips on how to make travel plans.

If you don’t feel like going directly to or using the application, you can send an email (or a message, or a message) to Hipmunk to ask direct questions about the prices of a trip or coordinate plans with your family.

Points to consider

Poor search for car rentals
Hipmunk fell short when he tried to find rental cars. Its grid screen is more confusing than it is convenient and makes it difficult to search for cars depending on the amenities or sift the results to find the perfect car. We were not fans of how you can only look for rental cars near an airport, since we may have to rent a car without taking a trip out of town.

Travel sites guide

How to make the most of any Travelocity customer service site.
Avoid website cookies.
Each travel site uses an algorithm to calculate how much they charge for a particular flight, car rental or hotel room, so the same flight from Los Angeles to New York City will have a different cost, not just according to the date planned.

You are searching, but also what day of the week you are looking for and if you have done this search before or not. We did our searches using an incognito window since most of the travel sites use cookies to track their behavior and the routes that interest them, which sometimes leads to price increases.

Consider grouping 

Most travel sites offer a bonus if you make several reservations with them for the same trip, be it your flight and hotel, your hotel and car rental, or all three. If you are only booking a part of your trip, you will want to go directly to the airline, the hotel chain or the car rental website to see if they can give you a better rate just by working with them directly, but if you need Make several reservations, it is worth seeing the discounts you can get for the grouping through a travel site.

Watch cancellation policies

No matter which website you make the reservation with, you will want to navigate through the cancellation policy before making your final purchase. When we searched for the best car rentals, all of our proven websites returned with the same price, except Kayak, which offered us $ 123 for a car instead of $ 133. However, these savings of $ 10 meant that our reservation was not reimbursable, which could be a decisive factor if you think there is a possibility that your travel plans change. Travelocity customer service And Travel Gift Card.

The 5 Best Travelocity customer service And Travel Gift Card

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